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​Greenlink has key strategic importance, as it will provide significant additional interconnection between Ireland and Great Britain, with onward connections to continental Europe. The construction and development of Greenlink will deliver increased energy security, regional investment and value for money to consumers, and will enable the further integration of low carbon renewable energy sources.

Constructing and commissioning an interconnector requires the completion of a thorough programme of environmental and technical assessment to ensure that the final interconnector design fully considers the environment in which it is built. The Greenlink interconnector is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2023 and to have a close on three-year construction programme.

Project Promoter

Greenlink is being developed by Greenlink Interconnector Limited.  Greenlink Interconnector Limited is bringing private capital to the project and will assume the majority of the project risks.

Greenlink Interconnector Limited is owned jointly by Element Power Holdings, part of Hudson Sustainable Investments, and Partners Group on behalf of its clients.  Hudson Sustainable Investments is an independent investment management firm with a strong track record and expertise in investing in and developing sustainable energy infrastructure projects in Ireland, the UK and internationally. Partners Group is a global private markets investment management firm with €73 billion in investment programs under management in private equity, private real estate, private infrastructure and private debt.


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For more information, please visit the project website www.greenlink.ie